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About Us

The Great T Shirt Company

The Grave Digger Tours were launched in the spring of 2012.

Our intent is to provide an authentic look at the horrors of dealing with the dead and dying – both human and animal – following the historic three-day battle.

Many visitors to Gettysburg have heard of the famous locations . . .

Culp’s Hill.

Little Round Top and Big Round Top.

Devil’s Den.

The Slaughter Pen.

The Wheatfield.

The Peach Orchard.

The Angle.

Pickett’s Charge.

But many do not realize the battle was fought in the streets of the town, as well as the area now designated as the National Military Park.

In addition to Americans from all over the United States, visitors from Australia, Germany, Wales, Ireland, Canada, and England have taken our walks – and some of our overseas guests very strongly identify with being a Rebel (Confederate) or a Yankee (Union)!

For more information on available tours, including times and ticket prices, please visit Our Tours page.

Are you writing a novel set in the Gettysburg area in the 1860s? Join us! Our guided walking tours are an excellent opportunity to visit locations in existence during the Civil War – and give you the opportunity to find out more about that period of our American history.

Our Grave Digger Tours Journal cover

Now available – Our Grave Digger Tours Journal.

Record your Grave Digger Tours experience with this blank journal, tailored specifically for the tour company, including favorite stories and historic figures.

And not just your tour but your Gettysburg visit as well, with pages to list your favorite attractions, restaurants, hotels, the people you met, and the souvenirs you purchased.

This pocket-sized, 6x9 inches, easy-to-fill-in journal packs easily in a purse or backpack.

Our Grave Digger Tours Journal may be purchased in The Great T Shirt Company, as well as through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Find out more on the Purchase Our Journal page of this website.

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